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About Us

GoSportNet History and who we are?

We offer a win-win partnership to save cost, time and volunteers.

We are parents and volunteers in minor sports for many years, we have become aware of how frustrating it can be for volunteers to achieve their goals. This results in making it harder and harder for organizers to recruit volunteers year after year. We established a new company called GoSportNet in October 8, 2010 with some good friends that are also volunteers in soccer and hockey.


Our Vision

To become a partner and supporter of amateur sports across the world. To develop savings for associations and parents through local advertising, promotional deals for accommodations, meals, sporting good discounts, and more.

save on cost

Our Goal

To simplify and reduce the time spent by and cost to associations, leagues, tournament organizers, coaches, team managers, parents, and players. (Amateur Sports Volunteers)

win win

Win / Win

We feel GoSportNet and amateur sports can be a win/win partnership. By bringing cost savings and time saving to all volunteers and ultimately bringing the focus back on the enjoyment of the sport itself rather than the burden of volunteering.


Core Services

  • Online Free Tournament Listing
  • Online Tournament Registration Management
  • Online Free League Listing
  • Online League Registration Management