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Feb 1, 2013 - Feb 3, 2013

Registration for this Tournament has Ended

NEBC Midget AAA/Teir 1

Tournament Information News

  • Association Permit # for Tournament: 2012-2013-3989
  • Admission fee for parents/supporters: Yes
  • Compatible with the school schedule: Yes
  • Sport: Ice Hockey
  • The 1st Edition
  • Number of Guaranteed Games: 5

Tournament Details

Tournament location is Taylor British Columbia. 15 min from Fort st John BC.
Category of level is BC Hockey Midget Teir 1. Wishing to attract teams from any
part of the world. Lots of prizes & activities planned.

Divisions Supported By The Tournament

Division Class Category Type Start End Cost/Team Teams Registered
Midget AAA Tier 1 International Feb 1, 2013
Not Listed
Feb 3, 2013
Not Listed
$0 CAD 0 of TBA

Accepted Payment Methods

Payment Deadline: December 14, 2012

Made to: NEBC Midget Trackers

Send to: RR2, Site 1, Comp 4 Dawson Creek BC V1G 4E8

Via Phone #: 250-784-5019

Via Website: http://NEBC Regional Trackers


Download Payment form website