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Support & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I list any tournament or league for free?

    Yes, you have the option of using anyone of our services. We encourage you to List for Free the first time and determine if you added teams due to GosportNet.

  • I just registered our tournament or league on GoSportNet but I already have teams that have registered?

    We are happy to help and insert the team info on your behalf free of charge. This makes sure everything is up to date. Please use our contact form to set up a meeting.

  • What countries do you support?

    We are focusing on North America, we take all listings across Canada and USA. We hope to add more countries in the future.

  • Where can I get help with setting up my tournament or league for management registration?

    Our sign up is step by step making it very user friendly, we are also available at or via e-mail directly to

  • What do you mean by Real Time?

    GoSportNet allows you to do everything in Real-Time, from accepting teams, to seeing the number of spots available, waiting lists, communication via emails, confirmation, rejection, attaching schedule or other documents to e-mails. It is Online in Real-Time.

  • Can I send out a schedule or venue map or discount coupons to teams?

    Yes when emailing to teams you have the ability to attach documents to your e-mail.

  • Do we need to contact GoSportNet to make changes to our tournament or league registration profile?

    No you are free to edit your tournament information, league information, or team information at any time. The organizer can advise registered teams when he would like their roster finalized so he can print out roster sheets for player sign in or sign up.

  • How do I set up the web site to accept credit cards? Easy you have a few choices.

    1. You set up a Merchant Account for your association with your financial institution, they will provide you with a secure link that you will cut and past into your payment profile, this will allow teams and parents to pay directly into your account 2. You can set up a Pay Pal Account, this will give you the choice to pay via debit or credit card into your account. Pay Pal will provide you with a Buy Now button (link) that you will cut and paste into your payment profile.

  • Is the registration management software based or a web app?

    We are a web based web app and no software is needed for download. You can access our services from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

  • What if a tournament or league registration is full, is there a waiting list a team can go on?

    Yes if a tournament or league is full you can sign up on their waiting list.

  • Can I purchase and install your application for my own server?

    No. GoSportNet programming software is available as a hosted solution only under a license agreement. This enables us to be able to provide the latest features and benefits to you as timely as they become available to amateur sports across Canada.

  • How do you charge for these Online services?

    1. Our site is Free to Tournament Organizers or League Presidents for listing as well as registration management.
    * No setup fee
    * No off the shelf software cost
    * No Maintenance fee
    * No licensing fee
    * No minimum-usage fee
    * No long contracts, free to stop using anytime.
    2. For Tournament Registration Management we are priced at a small fee per team, per event, per year. Added to your tournament registration fee and invoiced upon completion of the tournament.
    3. For League Registration Management we are priced at a small fee per team, per season, per year. Added to your league registration fee and invoiced upon completion of league registration.
    4. In addition GoSportNet passes on cost savings to parents through local advertising and promotional discounts on Hotels, Sporting Goods, Restaurants etc.

  • Why use it?

    1. GoSportNet is designed to give your tournament or league international visibility, ensuring 100% participation from a broader scope of teams.
    2. GoSportNet is the first site to offer real-time sign up information allowing teams searching to know exactly how many spots are available and whether to register online immediately or if they have time to decide.
    3. GoSportNet has been working with Associations across North America to automate the time consuming tasks that wear out volunteers of their joy and energy towards the sport, bringing joy back into the game and reducing cost at the same time.
    4. Online registration is quick and easy with GoSportNet, your association will simplify responsibilities and communication to parents, coaches, administrators, and everyone else volunteering.

  • Who benefits from using GoSportNet?

    All sports volunteers, Associations, Leagues, Tournament Organizers, Coaches, Team Managers, and Parents. We feel GoSportNet and amateur sports can be a win/win partnership. By bringing cost savings and time saving to all volunteers and ultimately bringing the focus back on the enjoyment of the sport itself rather than the burden of volunteering.

  • Is it worth using for a small association?

    Yes GoSportNet is designed to help small clubs or large associations by reducing your administrative tasks and making life easier for both your volunteers and parents.

  • Is our private data safe?

    GoSportNet s web hosted data base provides guaranteed security for your organization
    1. All data is stored in a secure server farm facility
    2. All web pages are secure
    3. No credit card numbers are stored
    4. All data is backed up daily
    5. Passwords are encrypted

  • Can I produce reports for my league conveners when using league registration?

    Yes you can produce customized reports and send tax receipts via e-mail to all parents.